As examples of primary source material, the documents in the cases of the Prince of Neufchatel and the El Gamo can be considered as typical, of the depth of material that can be found in the Admiralty prize records, held at Kew, London.

A list of American prizes recorded on the Halifax station, this only cover the vessels beginning with the letter A, if you are interested in another vessel please contact me.
The information below was compiled by William James from contemporary accounts.


  USS Constitution *   HMS Guerrière 19th August 1812  
USS Wasp *   HMS Frolic 18th September 1812
USS United-States *   HMS Macedonian 25th October 1812
USS Constitution *   HMS Java 28th December 1812
USS Hornet *   HMS Peacock 24th February 1813
USS Chesapeake *   HMS Shannon 1st June 1813
USS Argus *   HMS Pelican 14 August 1813
USS Enterprise *   HMS Boxer 5th September 1813
USS Essex *   HMS Phoebe 28th March 1814
USS Frolic *   HMS Orpheus 20th April 1814
USS Peacock *   HMS Epervier 29th April 1814
USS Wasp *   HMS Reindeer 28th June 1814
USS Wasp *   HMS Avon 1st September 1814
USS President *   HMS Endymion 15th January 1815
USS Constitution *   HMS Levant & Cyane 20th February 1815
USS Hornet *   HMS Penguin 23rd March 1815
USS Peacock *   HEICS Nautilus 30th June 1815
Saratoga *   Rachel 11th December 1812
Decatur *   HMS Dominica 5th August 1813
Chasseur *   HMS St. Lawrence 26th February 1815
Prince de Neufchatel
  *  Canadian privateers

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