The county of Fife or as it is known locally the Kingdom of Fife can boast of a number of notable mariners some of whom are mentioned here:

Admiral Samuel Greig of the Russian Imperial Navy
Captain F. L. Maitland who ensured Napoleonís surrender
Dr. James Guthrie naval surgeon.
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Lost a naval ancestor?
As part of ongoing research I’ve built up a database of Royal Navy seamen in the year 1800 - giving the vessels they served on and thus their naval service.
The sample below, typical of the information, showing payments made to relatives.

Surname Forename Vessel Payment area Relation To Whom Address
Cox William la Cruelle & Camelion Ramsgate Brother James Reading St. Isle of Thanet
Howe James Minotaur Newton Abbot Father John Knightswell near Austin Abbot Devon
Ireland Job Trident Manchester Widow Elizabeth Ireland No.23 Nicholas Croft Manchester
Martin Peter Sans Pareil . Mother Susanna No. 27 Old Nicol St. Bethnal Green
McFall James Babet Belfast Father William White House near Belfast Antrim
Millie Robert Magnificent Kirkaldie Father Alexander Whinny Park Monimail Fife
Reily Charles Brunswick Dublin Mother Rose Reilly No.150 James St. Dublin

It might just be that I’ve come across your missing ancestor.
If you contact me with their name and area they came from I’ll be delighted to check my sources.
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